Tyler Horton – Owner / Principal 

My first memory of insurance would be from the early ‘80s of my dad working at the Sears/Allstate booth in Bel-Air Mall. I can remember the stories he would tell me about clients having their homes destroyed by fire or being injured in bad car wreck.  Their lives would have been forever financially destroyed if not for the benefit of insurance.   I enjoy helping people and as a second generation insurance agent, I’ve witnessed how life changing tragedies can be right around the corner and the importance of insurance protection.   We’re always working to improve our agency to better protect our clients so call me anytime I can be of assistance.  Call my cell @ 251.767.4878.

Terry Horton – Managing Principal 

I have been an agent and agency owner since 1984. I hold licenses in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee and South Dakota.  I have helped over 4000 families over the years select the right coverage that best protects their quality of life.  I still get excited every time I talk to our clients because I know I am helping them.  I love to help clients with insurance claims because this is the time for us to “shine”.  I’m available by cell phone 24/7/365. My number is 251-458-4529

Teresa Stickradt – Office Manager

My insurance experience all started with a desire to buy my first car! I was determined to get a job and landed in an insurance office at age 15.  As I got older I tested out other carreers only to realize that the insurance industry was where I belonged.  Now with 30 years of experience, I have the knowledge and experience to handle any situtation.  I love protecting my clients, by providing superior products and exceptional customer service. You’ve worked hard for what you have and I’ll work just as hard to protect it.

Barbara Winton – Senior Account Manager

I was born in Mobile, but grew up in Scotland as that is where my mother was from and where my dad was stationed. I am a Navy brat. I moved back to the area in 2006 with my husband and then young son.  I have worked for Tyler and Terry for a little over 3 years now as the Senior Account Manager. I take pride in resolving any customer issues that occur. I started working here after returning to the job market after some much needed time off.  I have done many things in my life that I am proud of, but I think my biggest accomplishment is my family. We are a close nit bunch, and get together as often as possible and just hang out, bar-b-que, or help do what needs to be done and just enjoy being together.  So, what sets this agency apart from others? When I get your call I will treat you with respect, understanding and compassion. Your call is what matters to me and I will help you with anything you need.